Jobical for Smart Inno offers a unique, individually customised recruitment and career development service.

How can Jobical for Smart Inno help you?

Register and fill in a personal profile describing your education, experience, skills and preferences.
Jobical for Smart Inno will take the information you have provided in your CV posting into consideration and will email you vacancies that are suitable for you and your skills. These vacancies will be ranked according to suitability. You will not need to browse through hundreds of adverts. All you have to do is express your interest for a position that has been sent to you and the employer will consider your application.

Through Jobical for Smart Inno, you can regularly check how your skills measure against the market. You will be able to see what skills are in demand for every type of position and make decisions for your career development.

If you decide to develop your skills further you can use Jobical for Smart Inno to help you browse through e-learning providers and courses to find the right ones for you.

Jobical for Smart Inno also offers you a community platform with forums and chat-rooms where you can exchange views and get in touch with other candidates and professionals and benefit from their experience.

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