Target talented individuals and assess their potential and suitability for the job at the click of a button!

Place your vacancies and let your advert target only the most suitable candidates!

Stop wasting time in viewing piles of irrelevant CVs!

Jobical for Smart Inno is a new, advanced, online recruitment tool that targets talented individuals.

Candidates are asked to complete a personal profile, providing information on their skills and background.

Candidates are alerted of vacancies that are relevant to their profile.
As an employer, you select the period for which you want the advert to run and place the text for your advert.

Following that, you will be asked to provide some information on the skills and experience that you require from candidates, using parameterised criteria.

Based on the information you will provide, your advert will be sent only to candidates who substantially fulfill the criteria, and whose personal preferences and competencies match the requirements of the vacancy.

You will be sent a list of candidates that have expressed an interest in your vacancy, ranked according to their suitability for the job.

Jobical for Smart Inno will give you an overview of each candidate's strong and weak points at the click of a button!

Jobical for Smart Inno offers a range of payment packages that suits the needs of every user.

Payment per candidate: You can post your Job Adverts for FREE and pay only to get the contact details of the candidates you select.
The contact details for one applicant cost 40* Euros.
Take advantage of our new offer! Buy the contact details of two candidates for 80* Euros and get another two contact details for FREE!

Subscription Payment: The frequent users of the site may select among the 3-month, 6-month and 12-month subscription packages offered by Jobical for Smart Inno.
Subscription packages offer a reduced price for candidates' contact details.

Pre-paid Job Ads: Pay in advance for the placement of your Job Ad and receive the contact details of ALL suitable candidates for FREE.
A pre-paid ad costs 50* Euros and is made available on the site for 30 calender days.

*V.A.T. not included.

For more information, please contact us at or on +30 2310 531 000 ext. 116 or 143.
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